Thursday, 31 May 2012

Miss Elle's Rhapsody

I've done my first test knit! Yipee!

Anyone who listens to my podcast, which I haven't written up show-notes for even though the last episode was almost a month ago, they'll go up asap and perhaps a new episode, will know that I was doing a test knit even if I didn't really go into detail when I mentioned it.

The fabulous Miss Elle has designed another wonderful pair of socks and even allowed me to test knit them!

Well, I was amazed by how the pattern read and soon decided that my stash sock yarns just wouldn't do, so I bought my first Zauberball to knit these beauties with. I purchased the colour way Summer Meadow, mostly because it reminded me of Slytherin, which is Elle's House, obligatory "boo hiss" from a Gryffindor here.

I really enjoyed the lace pattern, and it was a first for me as I'd never followed a chart before, but it was so simple, and there's written instructions too if you prefer that way. The twists in the lace remind me of a serpent, so even more reason for me to think of these as Slytherin socks.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hexipuffs, and a little update.

I haven't been a frequent flyer, have I?

I do still knit everyday, but I'm working on the same old things which can be a little repetitive, but also generally not in the greatest of moods to blog.

I need to motivate myself more.

So this is what I've been working on mostly the past week, my bee keeper's quilt.

The 'frame' is sewn and I'm slowly filling it in, but this just means I need to knit more, even using the ends to knit some really interesting little 'puffs. I love my DK 'puffs.

I won a ball of Three Ewes Shepherd DK yarn in Student Knits podcast Statistic Sock Knit Along, and it's gorgeous! I love the colours in it. I think it may have to be a hat.

Lately I've been on a sock knitting kick, so I'm knitting some fun vanilla socks with a ball of Crazy Zauberball in Little Fox that Craig bought me.

Speaking of Craig, I've promised him a hat, you see, he had really long hair and had it cut shorter, I told him if he did that then I would knit him any hat he likes AND he can stash dive and have a hat in any colour I have, I'm such a good partner.
I have knit an Age of Brass and Steam, and I plan to knit another one in the future.
I completed a test knit for Miss Elle at the start of the month, no pictures because I don't know how secret she wants it to be.

That's all I can think of right now, but I shall be frequenting ze blog experience.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Year in the Making

Well, almost a year anyway.

Here I present to you Phil 'n' Lil!

No, I haven't given birth to twins, and what kind of person would name their children after characters in Rugrats? No, I have better namesakes for my future children thank you very much, like Grissom.

Phil 'n' Lil are socks!

Started in May/June 2011 whilst on holiday in Paignton, using the following yarns;

  • Stylecraft Life 4ply in Clover (Pink)
  • Stylecraft Special 4ply in Aspen (Green)
Basically I cast on 64 stitches onto 2.75mm needles, ribbed for a while then started the 5 rounds stripe pattern, worked the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up stitches and started back into the stripe pattern.

The first sock finished was 'Phil', the green featured one. This was the first 4ply sock I had knit, ever. Then I didn't cast on the second sock, until recently when I decided I should as I'd knit a few other pairs and felt I had a good technique going.

I can see the different in my stitches in 'Lil', it's rather obvious in the gusset, I think, as there isn't a hole like there is in 'Phil'.

They're comfy and snuggly, and I've always liked the idea of wearing odd socks, that also match! I love the colours together too, they just work so well together.