Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Yarn Catasrophy!

I hadn't realised a few of my balls had escaped the yarn basket, now there's a lovely knot to untangle. 3 different shades of green & a brown *sigh*

In other news, over the weekend I've been knitting up a snuggle blan, my own pattern, with a gorgeous yarn called Cloud by Tivoli. It's being knitted up on 15mm bamboo needles.

My boyfriend and nephew already love it and have been sneakily covering themselves in it as it's being knitted. (kudo's to my mom's craftyness at upholstering that chair, well also decorating for cheap but making it look expensive).

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Little Christmas Pud

I knit this for my mom. She's been ill and has barely left the house in months, because it's nearly Christmas she's sad that she wont be able to look at all the decorations in the stores, which is something we usually do together.
So, being the brilliant and caring daughter that I am, I made her this. It's nice to see her smile.

If I can remember how I did it I'll edit this post with a pattern.